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Remedies to Amend Your Life

By Itzhak Mizrahi * –  
Hod Hasharon, Israel
The boyfriend who re-appeared after six month of separation, the shop owner who finally managed to bring buyers into his store, the woman who finally found a job after two years of unemployment, an annoying neighbor who became kind and helpful after a big quarrel, a family home in which everything went wrong for years, became peaceful and harmonious again…
Could there be some mysterious factor that influenced all these people?..

The above paragraph is far from being a void statement.
In my many years of practicing Kabbalah, I can see the deep distress in the eyes of people who come to seek my help on a daily basis. Most of them arrive at my office as a last resort to relieve their tribulations and find a way to solve their problems, after everything else has failed. After a thorough diagnosis that I do with the help of the sacred  “Zohar”, I can see very clearly what needs to be done to change their situation the best.
The practice of substance mixtures is associated with the practical aspects of the Kabbalah. Kabbalah materials are powerful blends of rare and authentic substances originated in Morocco, which posses mystical qualities and can influence people and situations.

All the ingredients are taken from nature and consist of different metals, seeds, minerals and other organic matter.
The secret of their effectiveness is based on ancient knowledge of blending the right quantities at a precise and strict schedule, and instructing the proper usage of the blends.
From Ancient Periods to Modern Times
The usage of mystical materials is known from the ancient Egyptian period. Ancient Egyptians used to confect different blends by using substances from fauna and flora for different purposes, such as medical needs, witchcraft, materials that induce luck and success, and more. Each material had its own virtues, and worked in a unique way.
The secret confecting mystical material was not distributed publicly, but passed from generation to generation, usually between family members or between Egyptian priests whose expertise was a primary witchcraft. The immense power and impact of such materials could place a great power in the hands of whoever controlled them, and therefore, that vital knowledge has been concealed and only the few of could practice the vocation.
No one knows for sure how the practice of Kabbalah materials had started, however, the majority of these materials is found in early Kabbalah and religious scripts.
The widest ongoing use of Kabbalah materials since ancient periods until this very day, happens in North Africa, Morocco, Libya and Egypt, but other countries like Yemen, Iran, and Syria. Other Arab cultures are also using mystical and witchcraft materials as well.
As mentioned earlier, the skill of mixing the Kabbalistic materials at the precise dosages is kept in secret for the purpose of making the materials work exactly according to the intension of the person confectioning them, and gives them their strong potency. As everybody knows, putting such extreme power in the hand of the wrong person – can be quite harmful.
The number of ingredients of every mixtures and their precise dosage is of utmost importance to their effectiveness on the person whom we want to influence.
A Cure To Every Problem
Kabbalah materials are used in circumstances where a change needs to be done in someone’s life.
Here are some of their usages: Returning lost loves in specific terms, inducing a man or a woman to fall in love, forgetting heartbreaking romances, fostering sexual attraction, causing quarrels and separations between people, spurring the sale of a home or property, clearing bad energies, finding profitable income, removing evil eye and bad spells, giving protection and ensuring success in life, to mention a few.
The names of the following mixtures are taken from Moroccan. It takes a bit of resourcefulness and orientation skills to find their ingredients in the mazy markets, and arrive at the most remote villages in the Atlas mountains of Morocco where they can be found.
Some of the most popular Kabbalah materials are:
  • Habbini – Causes its holder to be popular and admired by his surroundings.
  • Wealth, Fortune, Livelihood and Abundance – a tested and proven formula   that opens the individual’s way to financial success and helps to increase wealth.
  • Adduk – to subdue enemy and inflict quarrels and dispute between people.
  • Mushta – To cause intense yearning to you by someone you desire.
  • Assum Azif – To cause someone to fall in love with you.
  • Bab-Al-Aruss – to induce sexual attraction.
  • Hubt-Al-Barake – For returning lost loves and Binding Love relationships. 
Patience and faith are helpful, as it takes different “remedieid” between 21 to 40 days to reach their maximum effect on a person. Many people who have used Kabbalah materials at different situations in their lives find it hard to believe how easy and fluent things can become with a little help from an expert.
*Itzhak Mizrahi is a renowned metaphysical and kabalistic counselor. He accumulated his wide knowledge and experience along thirty four years of practice in the realm of Kabbalah and metaphysics. The fifth generation in a family of metaphysical experts.  Itzhak Mizrahi is one of the few specialists  who  are proficient at amulet writing based on  the King Solomon Seals. The writing is executed  according  to a precise and strict schedule, and adjusted  to the requester’s name, mother’s name and date of birth. Itzhak is a world known expert in confectioning  Kabbalistic substances to aid people with their personal problems, and famous for his talent to bring back lost loves. A sought after lecturer in the areas of fate analysis, charms and amulets, soul incarnation, dream interpretation and superstitions. Itzhak Mizrahi is the founder of, the largest and most comprehensive Israeli website in the area of Kabbalah, metaphysics and the occult.

His book titled ”Keep Misfortune Away” (2003), was the first to expose the existence of King Solomon Seals to the general public.

Itzhak is the co-creator of the innovative “King Solomon Cards”, which infuse ancient Kabalistic symbols and Solomon seals together with the visionary art of Orna Ben-Shoshan.

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